Brown Fox Volunteers at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand for Annual Children’s Christmas Celebration

December 22, 2016 by

Brown Fox participated in its second Service Day of the year at Brother Bill’s Helping Hand preparing for their annual Children’s Christmas Celebration. Brother Bill’s Helping Hand has hosted the Christmas Eve event for over seventy years. This year they will be providing gifts and Christmas cheer for over 1,000 West Dallas children and their parents. The non-profit organization was founded in the early 1940s to provide food, clothing and spiritual encouragement to those living in West Dallas. Today, Brother Bill’s Helping Hand is well known for its grocery store which provides food for over 300 families each week. They have expanded their services over the years and now provide services like English, computer, and exercise classes, women’s counseling, and a Community Clinic.  To see a complete list of all the services Brother Bill’s Helping Hand provides and to learn how you can volunteer or donate check out their website at or click here.

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