A Business Boutique Where Character Matters

Since 2010, Brown Fox has been focused on the legal needs of today’s thriving and innovative businesses and executives, providing top-caliber advocacy and advice for our clients’ most pressing legal circumstances. Our attorneys are committed to aggressively representing our clients, while always staying true to the firm’s Character Matters® foundation.

Expertise with Business in Mind

The typical boutique law firm specializes in a specific practice area. Brown Fox focuses on the issues confronting businesses and executive leadership, providing counseling and advocacy in the legal realms most common to our business clientele. We aim to be the Trusted Business Boutique for each of our clients.

The firm’s representative clientele includes start-ups; partnerships; small to mid-size private companies; publicly traded companies; international corporations; and governmental entities and Texas municipalities.  Our attorneys also specialize in representing C-level executives and upper management.

Our Expertise

Game Changers Serving Difference Makers

When talent and character come together, great things happen. Our team is comprised of game changers advocating and counseling for our clients, the difference makers in the business community. Our attorneys come from the top law schools in the country, carry invaluable experience, board certifications, a long list of honors, and exemplify our core values. Learn more about the talent behind Brown Fox.

Character Matters

Character Matters® is our foundational maxim; our core values its roots. Brown Fox was founded on the belief that our pursuit of these values leads to a successful law firm, lawyer, leader, and person. We hire, make decisions, represent clients, interact in conflict, and strive to lead our lives devoted to these principles.


The Texas Lawyer’s Creed calls for lawyers to adhere to “the highest levels of professionalism” in our practices. We agree.  We strive to act with high-integrity—honesty, ethics, and strong moral foundation—in every relationship and seize opportunities to celebrate high-integrity leadership in our team.

Servant Leadership

We believe that great leaders rise through service, and the legacy of a successful leader is marked by building up and protecting others.


We hire the top talent available and reinforce a culture that expects every team member to bring his or her A-game every step of the way. Our goal is to bring excellence to the table in every encounter, whether negotiation, pleading, transaction, or trial. Our clients should expect nothing less.


We are not fans of the status quo, nor do we aim to blend in with the legal crowd. We maximize and leverage our talents to have a positive and lasting impact in every matter for our clients and in the community.

Great Things Happen When
Great People Come Together

At Brown Fox, we hire the best talent available, but we also place great emphasis on attorneys and staff who are well-rounded, bring depth in character, and adhere to our core values. Learn more about what made us, what drives us, and where we set our sights. Refresh the page to view more.

Explore Our Team in Depth

Music has always been a part of my life. Learning to play an instrument gave me an understanding of the discipline and practice it takes to bring about something beautiful that others might appreciate.

The character traits enumerated in the Scout Law are words I strive to represent. Scouting taught me the importance of not just being a leader but also being the kind of leader others will want to follow.

forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit…” This passage from Virgil’s Aeneid, inscribed into the mantle above my grandparents’ fireplace, is also inscribed on my family ring, given to me when I came of age. It is a reminder that “someday these things will be fonder to remember,” highlighting the importance of family and perseverance in life.

One of my greatest treasures, this autographed book of To Kill a Mockingbird was given to me as a gift by a dear friend who knows how much I love the story of Atticus, Scout, Gem and Boo Radley. This book inspired my love of justice, fueled my love of reading, and eventually led me to become a lawyer.

If this sweatshirt could tell stories… It would tell you about late night studying in law school, friendships, raising my first baby girl, passing the bar exam, a marriage proposal on the beach, early morning feedings and rocking of two more babies, moving to Texas and building a new home, book clubs, trial prep, chilly lake days, family vacations… It would tell you about a life full of love.

Over the years, I have taken on many home projects, and some projects have turned out amazing. Others have simply been lessons for the next project, but the ones that turn out best are always the ones where there is painstaking preparation and planning. “Measure twice and cut once” is a lesson that carries over into my life and law practice.

I have a passion for western big game hunting. Much like litigation, you have to find your objective and then plan and anticipate how to get into range to be successful.

I am a second-generation Aggie. Becoming an Aggie instilled in me that character does matter and that it is not just a motto. At home and in my professional career I strive to represent the best of my profession and of my alma mater.

The birth of my two girls was a moment in time that I will never forget. The image of their footprints reminds me that there is such a thing as love at first sight.

My greatest accomplishment, raising two kids to successful adults on my own.

Melissa Diaz

I’d say I’m a pretty big Cowboys fan, so much so that I packed up my kids and moved to Texas, just to be close to the Cowboys! Even picked living in Plano because I knew that’s where Troy Aikman lived at the time.

Melissa Diaz

Handed down to me by my great grandmother. I used to sit with her for hours after school talking and learning how to crochet. Having this reminds me to take time to spend with loved ones for the time you have them in your life.

Melissa Diaz

Integrity-Driven Advocates, Problem Solvers, and Counselors Ready to Serve.
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