Articles from the Legal News Category

Nov 30
Links to Media Coverage Regarding the “Doc” Gallagher Fraud Trial
By Brown Fox
Aug 24
Appellate Practice Tip: Know Your Panel at the Dallas COA
by Charlene Koonce
Dec 14
Winn Jackson Joins Brown Fox As Firm Launches Real Estate Practice Group
by Brown Fox
Dec 10
Fifth Circuit Channels Dr. Suess: ‘We Meant What We Said, and We Said What We Meant’
by Brown Fox
Nov 04
Court of Appeals Upholds Trial Court’s Refusal to Enforce Illusory and Unenforceable Arbitration Clause
by Brown Fox
Oct 28
Brown Fox’s Scott Self Obtains Complete Defense Verdict on Behalf of Graco
by Brown Fox
Oct 08
Brown Fox Litigators Obtain Dismissals with Prejudice in Two Federal Cases Defending Texas Police Officers
by Brown Fox
Sep 22
Breaking News: U.S. Department of Labor Issues Formal Regulatory Proposal Meant to Simplify the Independent Contractor vs. Employee Analysis
Jun 22
Workplace Discrimination Protections Extended to LGBTQ Workers: Five Action Items & Five Predictions for Employers
Apr 02
Patent & Trademark Office Announces 30-Day Extension of Some Deadlines
by Zach Hilton
Mar 31
Paycheck Protection Program Loans Available as Early as Friday; Details and Application Released
by Russ Brown
Mar 31
The Texas Shared Work Program Provides an Alternative to Layoffs
by David Denton
Mar 30
Will COVID-19 Excuse Non-Performance of Texas Contracts?
Mar 27
CARES Act Grants Emergency Powers to Extend Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Deadlines
by Zach Hilton

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