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Jul 28
DOL Gives Guidance on Three Common Employee Pay Issues
By Margaret Mead
Jul 26
10 Things Employers Should Know About the Dallas Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
By Stephen Key
Jun 11
U.S. Supreme Court Rules That an Employee’s First Step of Filing a Charge with the EEOC Is Subject to Waiver by the Employer, but Not Jurisdictional
By Margaret Mead
Nov 05
An Employer’s Guide to Tomorrow’s Midterm Elections
By Russ Brown
Nov 04
Four Things A Business Should Consider Before Collecting Biometric Data
By Adam Fox
Aug 30
Debt Collector’s Failure to Use Correct Company Name in Voicemail Could Give Rise to Liability Under FDCPA
By Eric Wood
Jul 30
A Business Owner’s Guide to Applicability of Key Federal Employment Laws
By Brown Fox Law
Jul 30
Trade Secret Protection Under State vs. Federal Law
By Eric Wood
Aug 16
Legal Issues to Consider When Using Assumed Business Names in Texas
By Brown Fox Law
Mar 29
Fifth Circuit Expands Availability of FLSA Damages
By Brown Fox Law

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