Articles from the Corporate Category

Jan 10
Mandatory Filing Alert: Corporate Transparency Act Requirements
Feb 01
Brown Fox Hires Two New Associates at Start of 2022
by Brown Fox
Apr 27
Corporate Attorney David Tiffany Joins Brown Fox, Brings Health Care and Insurance Industry Expertise
by Brown Fox
Mar 23
Will COVID-19 Excuse Non-Performance of Texas Contracts?
Nov 04
Four Things A Business Should Consider Before Collecting Biometric Data
by Adam Fox
Aug 30
Debt Collector’s Failure to Use Correct Company Name in Voicemail Could Give Rise to Liability Under FDCPA
by Eric Wood
Aug 05
Trade Secret Protection Under State vs. Federal Law
by Eric Wood
Aug 16
Legal Issues to Consider When Using Assumed Business Names in Texas
By Brown Fox
Nov 15
Six Legal Issues to Consider for your Business Before the End of 2016
By Brown Fox
Jun 22
Six Ways to Prepare for a Capital Raise or Sale of Business
By Brown Fox
Feb 10
Corporate & Securities Focus: Five Legal Issues You Should Be Aware of When Raising Capital for Your Business
By Adam Fox
Feb 09
Employment Law Focus: The EEO Who? A Small Business Primer On the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
By Russ Brown
Nov 02
Is Your Company Ready to Sell?
by Brown Fox
Nov 01
Smart New Year’s Resolutions for Employers in 2014 (And a Few of My Own)
by Russ Brown

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