Articles from the Labor & Employment Category

Jul 26
10 Things Employers Should Know About the Dallas Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
by Stephen Key
Nov 05
An Employer’s Guide to Tomorrow’s Midterm Elections
by Russ Brown
Nov 04
Four Things A Business Should Consider Before Collecting Biometric Data
by Adam Fox
Jul 13
A Business Owner’s Guide to Applicability of Key Federal Employment Laws
by Brown Fox
Aug 16
Legal Issues to Consider When Using Assumed Business Names in Texas
By Brown Fox
Mar 29
Governance Issues To Consider If Your LLC Is Taxed As An S-Corporation
By Brown Fox
Nov 23
Breaking News: Texas Federal Judge Blocks Overtime Law Days Before Going into Effect
By Brown Fox
Jun 22
Six Ways to Prepare for a Capital Raise or Sale of Business
By Brown Fox
May 25
Six Reasons the Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016 is a Game-Changer
By Brown Fox
May 25
Employment Law Update: Top Ten Take-Aways from the DOL’s Final Guidance on Overtime Rules
By Brown Fox
Apr 16
New Overtime Rules Will Soon Change the Way Many Companies Hire and Compensate Employees: Are You Ready?
By Brown Fox
Jan 20
Data Retention Obligations – “Do They Apply To Me?”
By Brown Fox
Aug 24
Commercial Construction: Avoiding Subcontractor Lien Liability
By Brown Fox
Feb 09
Employment Law Focus: The EEO Who? A Small Business Primer On the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
By Russ Brown

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