Aug 30
Department of Labor Proposes New Rules Requiring Overtime Pay to Wider Group of Employees, Including Some Currently Exempt Employees
by Margaret Mead
Sep 03
Labor Department Issues Advice for Reimbursing Delivery Driver Travel
by Margaret Mead
Aug 14
Portions of DOL’s Final Rule on the FFCRA Struck Down by U.S. District Court
by Margaret Mead
Mar 22
Some Employers Receive Temporary Reprieve from I-9 “Physical Presence” Requirements
by Margaret Mead
Oct 23
Will the FAIR Act Make Employment Arbitration Agreements Extinct?
Jul 28
DOL Gives Guidance on Three Common Employee Pay Issues
by Margaret Mead
Jun 11
U.S. Supreme Court Rules That an Employee’s First Step of Filing a Charge with the EEOC Is Subject to Waiver by the Employer, but Not Jurisdictional
by Margaret Mead

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