What made us, what drives us, and where we set our sights. At Brown Fox, we hire the best talent available, but also place great emphasis on attorneys and staff who are well-rounded, bring depth in character, and adhere to our core values. Learn more about our out-of-office pursuits, great memories, formative moments, big victories, challenges faced, and more.

Quilting, sewing and embroidery are a part of my childhood, from my grandmother to my mother and now me. My hands are always drawn to lovely textiles and beautiful colors.

Kimberley O’Rourke

Of all the diplomas and degrees I’ve earned, the most rewarding was from high school. The International Baccalaureate curriculum is by far one of the most difficult and life changing programs I’ve ever endured, paving the way for foundations of self-discipline and organization as well as a lifelong passion for learning.

From home projects to crafting, I have a pure love of working with my hands to create something fun and beautiful. Recently, I’ve been making painted signs for home décor.

Kimberley O’Rourke

The cotton plant symbolizes my married name, Cotton, and my husband and best friend. I feel blessed to experience the adventures of life with him.

Caroline Cotton

Playing volleyball, as well as many other sports, taught me the importance of hard work and the value of teamwork. Through volleyball, I learned to win humbly, lose gracefully, and always put my best foot forward – in sports and in life.

Traveling and exploring is my favorite thing to do in my time off. One of my favorite trips was to Ice Alaska to watch international ice sculptors work amid the northern lights.

Melissa Resa

I got this magnet when I did my first (and last) marathon. It reminds me daily to have the courage to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone and try something new, even if it’s just once.

Melissa Resa

A solid strategy, great negotiating skills, and a competitive spirit are crucial when playing Catan. Every board is different, and I love the challenge of winning when playing with family and friends.

My son bought this geode for me with money I gave him to buy himself something on a field trip in 2nd grade.  It reminds me of the Gift of the Magi and the gifts of love and giving.

Melissa Resa

When she was five, one of my daughters was asked to write a journal page by completing the sentence, “I’m special because…” I always thought her response was my mother of the year award, and reflects how much I love my—now fully grown—daughters.

My favorite way to wind down is to get lost in a good story. From biographies to fantasy, I feel like I’ve lived a thousand lives.

Courtney Trotter

My wife’s family has had a house in Estes Park, Colorado for more than 40 years. It is such a beautiful place. Our entire family enjoys hiking and exploring Rocky Mountain National Park and the surrounding area.

International travel has always been something my family has enjoyed together. From Hawaii to Iceland, we’re always looking for fun destinations to make great memories together.

After playing various other youth sports, both of our sons decided that lacrosse was their favorite sport. Although I had no prior exposure to lacrosse, I enjoyed learning about the sport with them and coached my younger son’s teams for several years. It was a great bonding experience for all of us. Both boys played through high school and on the club team at UT as well.

I inherited a love for cooking and baking from my sweet Mama. Some of my best dishes have been thrown together with little thought and limited ingredients and are my most requested dishes. I have so many fond memories with my Mama in her kitchen, and I am now I am passing that “ladle” to my own daughters.

Kimberley O’Rourke

From everything C.S. Lewis, to books on history, to my favorite English Premier League and Hoover Institute podcasts, I’ve logged more than a few hours on these and have met a much expanded world in the process. They serve as a portal to quiet, education and entertainment on planes and help me pass the daily workouts on my row machine.

To me, baseball embodies timeless principles, the unfailing American spirit, and unforgettable moments with family and friends. Whether I’m rooting for the Texas Rangers in Arlington or savoring a summer game on Cape Cod, time stops and I feel at home.

Although I strive for perfection in golf, I mainly experience mediocrity with occasional flashes of brilliance. The best thing about golf is the quality time I get to spend with my dad and kids. It truly is a lifetime sport to be enjoyed in many beautiful places.

Through exercising I have learned the importance of discipline and consistency. It’s also the best way to start or finish your day.

Courtney Trotter
Caroline Cotton

Making the perfect cup of coffee takes precision, patience and passion, but is always worth the effort. You can often find me trying new roasteries and flavor notes.

This is the sawed-off and glued-back-together tennis racket that my dad made for me so he could start giving me tennis lessons when I was two years old. Our love for tennis spawned years of fun, including playing in father/son tournaments. We attended hundreds of sporting events over the years (football, baseball, basketball, tennis, and even the Indy 500), but our fun with sports all started with this tennis racket.

This globe, which sits in my home study, serves as a reminder that I’m a spatial and temporal being, privileged to be in my particular place and time, and charged with stewarding each as best as I can.

I grew up playing soccer, starting in defence and then moving on to the forward left wing. I got introduced to rugby in college, and, similar to soccer, started in a more defensive position, and ended up as an attacking right winger. Not many things in sport beat the thrill of turning a defensive play to an offensive play, zooming past opposing players, with nothing but the hiss of the wind and the faint urgings of my teammates in my ears, and scoring, in either soccer or rugby. I get to enjoy that thrill in pickup games these days, and hope my kids can too one day.

Baylor University will always hold a special place in my heart and life. Baylor taught me important life lessons and brought me many lifelong friendships. Cheering for Baylor is a family tradition that I love sharing with those I love the most. Sic Em Bears!

Playing water polo from elementary school into college, I learned the importance of discipline and teamwork.

“The world is a book and if we do not travel, we read only one page.” This sculpture, purchased in a small harbor town in France, reminds me how much I love reading and travel.

I have had a deep love for the ocean since I was little. My family would visit Myrtle Beach, SC and I would spend all day in the water. I still do when we go. I feel God’s peace most when I’m floating in the ocean.

Caroline Cotton

International travel is my favorite way to make new memories. There is nothing better than exploring a new place.

Courtney Trotter

As the saying goes, “Fortune Favors the Bold.” Running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain with my brother was an ultimate bucket list item I’m proud to scratch off. Ask me about Dead Man’s Corner some day!

Prior to entering the legal profession, I worked in my family’s farming business, growing corn, soybeans, and wheat. Although my time on a tractor is considerably less now, I still carry the business acumen and grit born out of entrepreneurship.

I believe that public service is at the core of the legal profession. This gavel from the Texas Senate and sound block from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas remind me to act justly, preserve the rule of law, and seek the good of my neighbors.

I have a growing collection of vinyl records, and enjoy seeing live music whenever I can and discovering new artists. I’m often asked to make playlists for special occasions.

From the moment I learned to weld, I was enamored with metalworking. Designing and building a welding project requires problem-solving creativity when taking an idea and turning it into a functional product.

From the magic of Harry Potter, the romance by Nicholas Sparks, and the thrill of John Grisham books, my love for reading is vast. I’ve loved to read for as long as I can remember and many of my most content moments involve getting lost in a good book.

I am a lifelong sports fan, but no game will ever top this one – Game 3 of the 2001 World Series when, just weeks after 9/11, President Bush went to the mound in a bullet-proof vest, gave the thumbs-up sign to the nation, and threw a perfect strike. Most of the crowd was crying or roaring. I was in the upper deck right behind home plate doing both. A truly iconic moment for the sports world and our country.

Spartan Races are the ultimate in obstacle-course races. They are a brutal mental and physical challenge – combining long-distance running with dozens of grueling obstacles. For some reason, there are also incredibly fun. This proves I completed the Spartan Trifecta – finishing the three different races of 4, 7, and 13 miles in one calendar year. These races give me the motivation to stay in shape, and I hope there are many more Trifectas in my future.

I walked with notecards in college and law school to study, and walking is my favorite way to think, process, pray, decide. Especially when my two large dogs join me, walking provides energy and relaxation.

After college, I interned for International Justice Mission in Kenya, helping IJM represent children who had been sexually assaulted and prisoners who had been falsely accused and reform the public justice system in Nairobi. That formative year with IJM confirmed my calling of advocacy through a career in law.

One of my greatest treasures, this autographed book of To Kill a Mockingbird was given to me as a gift by a dear friend who knows how much I love the story of Atticus, Scout, Gem and Boo Radley. This book inspired my love of justice, fueled my love of reading, and eventually led me to become a lawyer.

This shillelagh, an Irish club, was given to me by a grateful client after prevailing in a tough case. It reminds me that regardless of the outcome, to always give it my best.

I am a big fan of my beloved Jayhawks and their basketball team. It is a form of nostalgia for my alma mater.

Over the years, I have taken on many home projects, and some projects have turned out amazing. Others have simply been lessons for the next project, but the ones that turn out best are always the ones where there is painstaking preparation and planning. “Measure twice and cut once” is a lesson that carries over into my life and law practice.

Long before stepping foot in a courtroom, I worked as a licensed installer of fire suppression systems in commercial kitchens. While work is now air-conditioned, that experience cultivated a strong work ethic and unique insight into the construction industry.

This is one of the most important pieces of cave diving equipment. It snaps onto the line, pointing in the direction of the nearest exit. It is thoughtfully designed to provide unambiguous directional information in all conditions, with or without the advantage of sight. When lost in a cave, as in life, I have found it is quite useful to have reliable truth within arm’s reach.

The best part of being a TCU alum and lifelong fan of TCU athletics is now getting to share the joy of attending and watching games with my kids, who have also adopted the Frogs as their #1 team.

Serving in the U.S. Navy aboard this ship was an opportunity to serve my country, and to make life-long relationships.

Spending time in both urban and rural India opened my eyes to the strength and hospitality of its people, the richness (and spiciness!) of its cuisine, and a greater awareness that despite many cultural differences, the people from two very different countries have much that can be learned from one another.

I have an actual cat, but I love cats so much that I actually decorate with them. Truly, I love animals of all kinds. There is an incomparable, simple pleasure in spending time with animals.

My race medals are small reminders that dedication and hard work will get you to the finish line.

While some say the pen is mightier than the sword, my son Peter disagrees. But together, we enjoy using our own swords (or “chisels”) to craft pens and other wooden objects on a lathe.

Our family visits the Rangers Ballpark as often as we can to enjoy a game and family fun time. Go Rangers!

Kristin Bowen

Learning that I could use my time, treasure, and talents as a lawyer to help tackle dark injustices in the world was truly a game changer for me. Working alongside IJM changed my heart, worldview, and career focus.

Peace and serenity can be found working with roses—planting them, nurturing them, watching them grow. And I live in Tyler—the Rose Capital of the World.

Shannon Latham

I keep my dad’s 1958 little league “Best Hitter” baseball on my desk to remind me of the love and support my parents have given me at every stage of my life.

In addition to enjoying the physical challenge of cycling, I have often found the alone times on my bike as being good for thinking about strategies on pending cases.

If this sweatshirt could tell stories… It would tell you about late night studying in law school, friendships, raising my first baby girl, passing the bar exam, a marriage proposal on the beach, early morning feedings and rocking of two more babies, moving to Texas and building a new home, book clubs, trial prep, chilly lake days, family vacations… It would tell you about a life full of love.

Given to me by a family member not long after the birth of our son, this sculpture symbolizes the joy of family and the privilege of fatherhood.

The top intersections of my talent and desire are marathon swimming and storytelling, so telling stories about swimming is pretty much the pinnacle of my existence. If you really want to know the best part of me, buy me a beer and ask me about the time I won the 20 Bridges Marathon Swim around Manhattan Island for my fiftieth birthday.

I will always carry my African and Congolese identity with pride.

Robert Falay

Unloading salmon out of the holds of Alaskan fishing vessels all day and many nights over a summer between college semesters taught me not only the value of getting an education, but also that successfully completing a task usually requires rolling up your sleeves, getting your boots dirty, and not stopping until the job is done.

I learned to scuba dive in 2001, and it has been a passion of mine ever since. Nothing is more interesting that a coral reef and its wildlife, and I especially love the weightless feeling while diving.

One of the most beautiful golf courses I have ever seen, and I got to share the pleasure of playing here with my wife.

Baseball taught me about hard work, grit, success and failure. My playing days are far in the rearview mirror, but the joy that comes from coaching my boys in a game that was once such a big part of my life couldn’t be more alive.

I get goosebumps every time I think of that trip to the Theater of Dreams for the Manchester Derby. A trip worth taking, even if you are not a soccer fan.

When I learned how to play chess, I discovered it’s not about making the right move all the time—it’s about making the right move at the right time.

Carved into this walking stick given to me by my father are various images of memorable events, words, and scenes of my life and other moments that we shared together. I am grateful for my family and one of my goals as an attorney is to serve my clients with the same high level of care and responsiveness that I would provide to my own family.

My grandchildren are my greatest blessings in life …. they bring sunshine and joy to every minute of every day … my legacy and a constant reminder that each day should be filled with laughter and love.

Shannon Latham

A gift for my first wedding anniversary, this painting of Hotel El Convento which was built in 1646 in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, is a reminder of the beautiful and historic location where my husband and I were married.

Kristin Bowen

As my midwestern wife pointed out to me shortly after her arrival, “only Texans feel the need to announce their state lineage upon introduction.” I’m fifth generation on my Father’s side, third on my mother’s. I’ve got the boots to prove it.

This badge represents my first trip back to Africa with ALARM (African Leadership and Reconciliation Ministries) after 7 years in America. I had the privilege to breathe the African air again, but most importantly share my story of grace with my Kenyan brothers and sisters.

Robert Falay

While I have resigned myself to the reality that I will never be the golfer I want to be, I have been fortunate enough to play (albeit poorly) some of the most beautiful courses in the world.

Faith, Family, Love … the values instilled in me by the strong women that came before me and that form the very foundation on which I have raised my children and grandchildren.

Shannon Latham

Since Ellis was born our friends have been asking whether she will ride horses or play soccer. As soon as she could walk I registered my vote.

I find so much joy in looking back at the gifts I received from my kids to take to work. This is even more true as they grow, and reminds me of the value of time.

Fly fishing requires focus, finesse, attention to detail, adaptability, and a lot of patience. The challenges are many, but the reward of landing a beautiful trout in a mountain river is hard to beat.

I used to spend hours at the record store looking for hidden gems. Now a days I don’t have time to burn looking through vinyls but still enjoy listening to them as often as I can.

Kristin Bowen

From dusty streets of Congo to Texas green turfs, soccer has been an enormous part of my life. I find joy in coaching my kids this game I grew up playing barefoot with a self-made banana-leaf ball.

Robert Falay
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