Aug 17
Employer Alert: Dust Off Your Handbooks, as Newly Aggressive NLRB Approach Likely Requires Changes
by Russ Brown
Aug 16
Employer Alert: EEOC Proposes Regulations to Implement Pregnant Workers Fairness Act
by Russ Brown
Sep 22
Breaking News: U.S. Department of Labor Issues Formal Regulatory Proposal Meant to Simplify the Independent Contractor vs. Employee Analysis
Jun 22
Workplace Discrimination Protections Extended to LGBTQ Workers: Five Action Items & Five Predictions for Employers
Mar 31
Paycheck Protection Program Loans Available as Early as Friday; Details and Application Released
by Russ Brown
Mar 17
In an Era of Divisiveness, Teamwork Will Defeat the Enemy Before Us
by Russ Brown
Nov 05
An Employer’s Guide to Tomorrow’s Midterm Elections
by Russ Brown
Feb 09
Employment Law Focus: The EEO Who? A Small Business Primer On the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
By Russ Brown
Nov 01
Smart New Year’s Resolutions for Employers in 2014 (And a Few of My Own)
by Russ Brown

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