Articles from the Employment Category

Jun 22
Workplace Discrimination Protections Extended to LGBTQ Workers: Five Action Items & Five Predictions for Employers
Apr 20
Masks Mandate: What Employers Need to Know about the Recent Dallas County Order
Apr 07
Navigating Overlapping and Inter-related Provisions of the Current COVID-19 Tax Relief
Apr 01
IRS Issues Further Guidance on Payroll Tax Relief
by Joshua Smeltzer
Mar 31
Paycheck Protection Program Loans Available as Early as Friday; Details and Application Released
by Russ Brown
Mar 31
The Texas Shared Work Program Provides an Alternative to Layoffs
by David Denton
Mar 22
Some Employers Receive Temporary Reprieve from I-9 “Physical Presence” Requirements
by Margaret Mead
Mar 20
New Paid Leave Obligations under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act
Oct 23
Will the FAIR Act Make Employment Arbitration Agreements Extinct?
Oct 21
How to Protect Your Company with Outside-Counsel Investigations
Jul 28
DOL Gives Guidance on Three Common Employee Pay Issues
by Margaret Mead
Jul 26
10 Things Employers Should Know About the Dallas Paid Sick Leave Ordinance
by Stephen Key
Nov 05
An Employer’s Guide to Tomorrow’s Midterm Elections
by Russ Brown
Nov 04
Four Things A Business Should Consider Before Collecting Biometric Data
by Adam Fox

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